About Surcee

About Surcee

Born out of a desire to support local.

Meet Allan Symonette, the founder of Surcee. What began as a personal need to find great gifts for those he loved, or surcees if you will, transformed more into a calling to support local business. 

The idea for Surcee was born years ago as a platform where people could shop local stores from the comfort of their own home. But after speaking directly with business owners he quickly learned that the heartbeat of what makes their stores so special is what happens once you walk inside their doors. Meeting the people, finding a new gem, seeing new products, and finding just the thing. 

Surcee now serves as a digital place that shoppers can go to find new stores they may not have found otherwise, stay up to date with what’s available right around them, and easily find exactly what their looking for. Through curated collections and of the moment finds Surcee makes shopping local as easy as browsing Instagram. For store owners, it’s a network of support and promotion. We’ve got you’re back and more importantly we share the same goal, get more people inside your stores experiencing the magic. 

The Heartbeat of Surcee

Community Impact

Surcee aims to have an outsized impact on the Greenville community. With quarterly charitable and community minded events Surcee’s impact goes beyond shopping and taps into the collective power of the Upstate to make a measurable difference. With a focus on human resources, education and the arts, and economic support Surcee aims to make a lasting change in the local economy and lives of Greenville residents.

Learn more about our charitable events here. 


Education &
The Arts

Economic Support