Beyond Bouquets

For Paula, owner of Petals and Co., flowers mean far more than just a kind gesture or a way to say “thank you.” Since 1999, Paula and her family have used their floral artistry to bring life to countless weddings, anniversaries, corporate events, and so much more. What started off as a passion project supported by her father who would sing to clients as he delivered arrangements and her mother who answered the phones has led to Paula becoming one of the premier local florists in the Upstate; expanding her talents into the realms of wedding coordination, event planning, and so much more.

From the initial consultation, the Petals and Co. team is dedicated to helping you piece together the ideal combination of flowers, greenery, and special touches that will fit your every need. From the nested layers of dahlia petals that add interest and depth to an arrangement to the timeless elegance of a rose, Paula and her team (her son, Parker, Shadae’, Alex, Jo, and George) know exactly what flower to choose in order to bring an arrangement to life. Thanks to the unique touch added to each piece, you’ll find that everything that leaves the Petals and Co. shop is a bespoke work of art, something you won’t find at any neighboring florist.

Paula and her team view floral arranging as an art form. Finding inspiration through each flower’s vibrant color and expressive movement, it’s easy to get lost in the process of arranging once the creative juices are flowing. Whether it’s adding brilliant blue cornflowers to symbolize romance or special ordering a shipment of tropical orchids and birds of paradise, you never know what the Petals and Co. team will dream up. Because of this inspiration and creativity, every arrangement is as unique as the person it’s made for, reflecting their personality and adding an extra layer of emotion and connection to each bundle of blooms.

Their unique arrangements allow nature’s beauty to spark inspiration and create lasting memories for any recipient, and because their one goal is your satisfaction, you can always expect a high quality outcome.

Although over 20 years have come and gone, one thing that remains the same is Paula and her family’s dedication to our community. This dedication goes far beyond floral arrangements or carefully curated gifts, but touches the lives of those who are celebrating special milestones, nurturing relationships, and being there for friends and family in need. Paula and her family have truly created a legacy that will continue to bloom for many years to come.

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Beyond Bouquets

For Paula, owner of Petals and Co., flowers mean far more than just a kind gesture or a way to say “thank you.” Since 1999,