Local Small Business Advocate, Surcee, Launches New Branding Initiatives

Champion of local small businesses, Surcee, unveils its refreshed branding and elevated strategies for bringing Upstate locals closer to their business community than ever before. Through various channels such as social media, editorial e-newsletters, and events, Surcee serves as an amplifier for each business, sharing each merchant’s unique stories while creating brand affinity and increasing overall awareness. In addition, Surcee has created networking opportunities for each of its clients so that these businesses are able to promote and support each other.

The idea for Surcee was born in 2017 as founder, Allan Symonette, came to terms with the fact that proper gift-giving was a blind spot for many people, including himself. Symonette wanted to create a more intentional and efficient way to find the perfect gift for any kind of recipient, and to keep his dollars in the local Upstate community. Officially launched in 2021, Surcee did just that and far more.

Today, Surcee empowers local businesses by serving as an extension of their marketing efforts, telling the stories of business owners through captivating blog posts, eye-catching videos, engaging social media posts, and a bi-weekly newsletter. Recently, the company partnered with local marketing agency, TealHaus, to maximize their storytelling efforts. 

This new approach to telling the stories of the local businesses, versus simply pushing their products, comes from the plethora of studies showing that people often make decisions based on emotions rather than facts. Therefore, Surcee is creating the stories that compel potential customers to get to know their local business owners and support them as patrons.

“I am overjoyed to watch our community of local merchants and small business owners continue to flourish through our efforts with Surcee,” said Allan Symonette, Founder of Surcee. “Countless statistics show that the ripple effect from supporting local businesses goes far beyond each individual, pouring back into the local economy and community we hold so dear. This relaunching of Surcee will do just that; give locals a way to support the Upstate’s thriving economy and reconnect with each other in ways they never have before.”

To stay up to date on all things Surcee or to learn more about becoming a Surcee merchant, be sure to follow along on social media and subscribe to the bi-weekly newsletter!

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