Dive into Splash on Main: More than Just Swimwear

At the heart of Surcee is the celebration of local gems that offer a unique shopping experience. This month, we’re casting the spotlight on Anne Mayher’s store, Splash on Main, a destination that goes beyond just swimwear.

Splash on Main, curated by Anne Mayher, is a surprise package. While its reputation as a swimwear haven is well-deserved, half the store tells a different tale. 50% of Splash is dedicated to a diverse range of accessories, gifts, clothing, and more. It’s a place where you can pick a classy one piece, or flirty bikini for your beach trip and find that perfect gift for the holidays or a statement piece for your next night out.

Anne’s vision was clear from the beginning: to offer a multi-faceted shopping experience. She wanted to create a space where everyone, whether a beach enthusiast or a fashion-forward individual, feels at home. And she’s achieved precisely that. With Splash on Main, Anne has crafted an environment that resonates with varied tastes and preferences.

Our love for Splash on Main is twofold. Firstly, it exemplifies the versatile shopping experience we champion at Surcee. And secondly, Anne’s dedication to community engagement aligns seamlessly with our mission. At Surcee, we believe in promoting businesses that offer more than just products — they offer experiences, memories, and connections.

If you’ve been on the hunt for a store that offers a rich blend of swimwear, accessories, gifts, and fashion, look no further than Splash on Main.

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