Vintage Vibes: What’s Back in 2023 and Where Can You Find It?

As the saying goes, what goes around does truly come back around. Maybe not EVERYTHING old is new again, but a lot is. Whether you’ve benefited from a rummage through your parents’ fashion favorites of the past or you’re a parent whose former style is now the envy of kids half your age, vintage is in – in a big way. Even things stylists once thought would never see the light of day again, like shoulder pads, neon, and banana clips, are suddenly all the rage.

So, how can you know what you can – and should – resurrect from the deepest recesses of a closet or attic? Which treasures should be mined in your vintage shopping expeditions? Surcee is on the case!

Thegrunge look, complete with flannel, ripped jeans and graphic t-shirts is no longer just for 1995 Seattle, and Punk is no longer relegated to mall rats and CBGB. Those who prefer a slightly more stereotypically feminine look can take solace in looks that echo classic Dior or Chanel or focus on choices that are long, floral, flowy. When in doubt, layering is almost always a good idea, and a punch of neon will make you the envy of the crowd.

Find what you love and go for it – a lot of it!

According to fashion experts and our own trendspotting merchants, here are a few key vintage items/styles to include in your current fashion repertoire.  Hint: you’ll have your home feeling like the set of Mad Men or The Brady Bunch and your wardrobe stealing a page from Phoebe Buffay, Curt Cobain, or the cast of Heathers in no time!


• Big, boxy blazers

• Cargo pants

• Velvet anything

• Corsets and bustiers


• Leather jackets

• Bike shorts

• Slip dresses

Coordinating plaid sets

• Mom jeans

• Tie Dye

• Overalls

Old team jerseys and jackets


Chain belts

• Chokers, especially leather

Thick headbands and comb-tooth headbands

• Hairclips, especially claw clips. Even the dreaded banana clip is everywhere these days

• Fanny packs (Heaven help us!)


• Doc Martens

• Mary Janes

Kitten heels

• Platforms

Vintage Home Décor

Funky 70s styles, along with Bohemian looks and textures (think macrame) continue to be popular. Warm wood tones, mid-century modern vibes and nearly anything upcycled or recycled adds character and identity to a room.  A big trend this year is maximalism (layered patterns, saturated colors, extensive use of accessories and art and bold and playful décor), so find what you love and go for it – a lot of it!

Greenville Vintage Shops

Here are a few of the best local options for finding your own personal vintage fashion or decorating vibe, along with some great deals:

Vintage Market

Artifacts of Greenville

Vintage to Modern

Old Skool Outfitter

Hyped Experience

Vagabond Trader

The Vintage at Main

The Vault Retro Sports Apparel

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